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How to use this website

This website has a conventional "computer database" interface whereby you can browse personal and family details, search for information, and view relationships in graphical tree presentation.

If you are not sure how to use any feature of the site there are comprehensive instructions online which may be accessed using the "Help" button or hyperlink.

You may notice that some features of the site are restricted if you are not logged in, and in this case some information (mainly the addresses of living people) will be withheld for reasons of privacy and security. It is easy to apply for full site access (see the "Membership and Contributions" link on the "Home Page") and I hope you will do so: you will then be able to gain access to the restricted information.

Suggesting improvements and additions to the information

You will notice that embedded within the on-screen presentation are means by which you can supply any corrections or suggestions in the event that you feel you may be able to improve on the current site information. Please use these facilities to help me buld a bigger, better, and more informative website for the benefit of all who are interested in Purvis family history.

When communicating with me concerning the information on the website it would be useful if you could identify individuals by quoting both the Purvis ID number and the database code in the form of "Ixxxx" (where "xxxx" represents a string of numbers which uniquely identifies each individual).

If you wish to send me general information, or write a personal note, please use the email link on the "Home Page" or the "Contact Us" link in the left hand side menu.

If you are an ordinary (not logged in) visitor to the site you will see a "Suggest" button which enables you to send me additions or corrections to the information for any person in the database.

If you are logged in you will be able to use a much more powerful feature of the website which allows you to "suggest" edits to all aspects of the personal records. To do this press the "Edit" button and use the edit facilty to make any changes and additions which you think helpful. You will not see any difference immediately on the website, but your suggested changes will be sent to me for approval, upon which they will be incorporated into the database where appropriate.

Using the Purvis numbering system and accessing biographical information

In addition to the immediately apparent presentation of information in tabular or graphical form, you may find it interesting and beneficial to make use of the unique "Purvis ID" numbers which both identify individuals and embody an indication of relationship.

The Purvis ID numbering system is applied to two distinct groups of families, and the information on the website has an underlying structure which has evolved from my initial work in researching the Purvis family.

In its original form the information was divided into a "main text" covering my own Purvis family and an “other addresses” or “OA” section consisting of all other contacts.

In the "main" section entries are numbered by generation and by place in each generational family. As an example, my unique Purvis ID number is This means I am the 8th generation. I am the eldest child of a 2nd child of a 10th child of an eldest of a sixth of a third of the eldest of the original paterfamilias.

The "other addresses" section has a prefix " OA" plus the personal number in a similar generational order (e.g. OA.193 and then the generational numbers in the same format as for the main text). So you may have in group OA.193, and all the Purvis ID numbers in the "OA" section follow an identical structure to the "main" section, allowing you to immediately view relationships simply from the number alone.

The "OA" section also lists genealogical researchers, librarians and others who have shown an interest in the family. These will just have the designation OA. and their sequential number (e.g. OA.1143), without a Purvis ID number. Anyone whose address is known is also listed under their OA. number and this is cross-referenced to the OA. listing and their position in that listing for genealogical and biographical details.

These Purvis ID numbers (provided that they are from the same family) can be placed alongside each other in order to establish the relationship.

For example:- and are 3rd cousins once removed.

The 4th generation are siblings, the 5th generation 1st cousins, the 6th generation 2nd cousins, the 7th generation are 3rd cousins with one overlap representing the “removed”.

You can browse the complete Purvis family history by successively reviewing personal information ordered by the Purvis ID number of each individual. Biographical information is presented in text format with references to family members by their Purvis ID number.

To access this biographical information structured in terms of Purvis ID numbers please use the "Histories" section of the website. You can access biographical "Histories" concerning the individual you are currently viewing, structured in terms of Purvis ID numbers, by clicking the "Photos and Histories" hyperlink in the personal record where available.

In the "Histories" section of the site, accessible from the left hand side menu, you can also freely browse biographical information, progressing in linear fashion through the whole range of Purvis ID numbers, and hence through the complete history of the family. There is also a "Search" facility whereby you can search for (all or part of) a name or Purvis ID number: this will filter out and present to you all items matching your search criteria.

Any person without a Purvis ID number will be referenced in the "Histories" section by using the code used to identify that person in the main online database. This is the code in the form "Ixxxx", mentioned above, where "xxxx" represents a string of numbers which uniquely identifies each individual.



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