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   Name   Biography   Purvis ID   Group 
1. John Purvis  Read Text 1.1.1
2. George Brown Purvis  Read Text
3. Thomas Purvis  Read Text
4. Thomas Purvis (or Purves) Jack  Read Text
5. Vera Margaret Purvis Jack  Read Text
6. James (Jim) Bruce  Read Text
7. Robert Lang (Bob) Bruce  Read Text
8. Robert Dowthwaite (Bob) Bruce  Read Text
9. Hilary Jane Bruce  Read Text
10. Helen Lindsey Bruce  Read Text
11. Anastasia Georgadidis  Read Text
12. Lena Annie Wishart (Marjorie Lena) White  Read Text
13. Andrew Reid Bruce  Read Text
14. Andrew Reid Bruce  Read Text
15. Robert Bruce  Read Text
16. Mary Bruce  Read Text
17. Robert Jr. Bruce  Read Text
18. Jean Bruce  Read Text
19. James Bruce  Read Text
20. Robert Andrew Bruce  Read Text
21. Margaret Bruce  Read Text
22. Rosemary Ann Dawson  Read Text
23. Hannah Louise Wilde  Read Text
24. Polly Elizabeth Wilde  Read Text
25. Jonathan Craven Dawson  Read Text
26. John Fisher Bruce  Read Text
27. John Purvis Bruce  Read Text
28. Isa Bruce  Read Text
29. John Purvis Bruce  Read Text
30. Lena Mary Bruce  Read Text
31. Robert Reid Bruce  Read Text
32. Thomas Purvis (or Purves) Bruce  Read Text
33. Norman Purvis Reid Bruce  Read Text
34. James Bruce Adam  Read Text
35. Ian Robert James Jack  Read Text
36. Walter Jack  Read Text
37. Belinda Jack  Read Text
38. John Rowland Neill (Rowland) Jack  Read Text
39. James McIntosh Purvis Adam  Read Text
40. William Russell (Russell) Adam  Read Text
41. Alastair Russell Adam  Read Text
42. Alastair Russell Adam  Read Text
43. Fiona Jane Adam  Read Text
44. Isabel Evelyn Adam  Read Text
45. Caroline Elizabeth Jane Adam  Read Text
46. Ronald Alexander (Ronnie) Adam  Read Text
47. Gordon Andrew (Andrew) Adam  Read Text
48. Lucy Alice Adam  Read Text
49. Shuna Kathrine Maie Adam  Read Text
50. Rachel Jane Adam  Read Text
51. Gary Stewart Simpson  Read Text
52. Thomas Purvis (or Purves) Bruce  Read Text
53. Margaret Mills Bruce  Read Text
54. Claude Cunningham Bruce (Bruce) Marshall  Read Text
55. Sheila Elizabeth Bruce Marshall  Read Text
56. Leslie Jane Ferrar  Read Text
57. Charles Cunningham Ferrar  Read Text
58. Nicholas John (Nick) Ferrar  Read Text
59. Elinor Niven Marshall  Read Text
60. Ann Margaret Douglas  Read Text
61. Alasdair Mark Murray Lindop  Read Text
62. Hannah Joy Margaret Lindop  Read Text
63. Gordon Campbell (Campbell or Camie) Douglas  Read Text
64. Rupert Niven Douglas  Read Text
65. Murray Kingsford Douglas  Read Text
66. Bruce Campbell Douglas  Read Text
67. Alistair Frazer Douglas  Read Text
68. Henry Robert Russell  Read Text
69. Elizabeth (or Eliza) Herbert (Bessie) Russell  Read Text
70. Joan Susan Monro Gaisford  Read Text
71. Thomas Purvis (Purvis) Russell  Read Text
72. Ethel Anna Purvis-Russell-Montgomery  Read Text
73. James David Keith (Jamie) Montgomery  Read Text
74. Davina Lucy Montgomery  Read Text
75. Iona Margaret Montgomery  Read Text
76. Laura Elizabeth Montgomery  Read Text
77. Robert Russell  Read Text
78. Helen Louise (Nelly) Russell  Read Text
79. John Purvis Russell  Read Text
80. Helena Hediviges Clementina (Jane) (Elena) Purvis  Read Text
81. Thomas William Druitt  Read Text
82. Helena Elinor (Elinor) Reid  Read Text
83. Valerie Ruth (Val) Pocock  Read Text
84. Leanne Gaye Winchester  Read Text
85. Grant Jeffrey Winchester  Read Text
86. Bruce Roy Mason  Read Text
87. Robert John (Bob) Druitt  Read Text
88. Rodney Malcolm Druitt  Read Text
89. Deborah Anne (Debbie) Druitt  Read Text
90. Michael Paul Druitt  Read Text
91. Diane Maree Purkiss  Read Text
92. Michael Tobias Dowling  Read Text
93. Glenn Richard Druitt (born D'Uffuso)  Read Text
94. Brian Charles Attwater  Read Text
95. Suzette Mary Attwater  Read Text
96. Henry Edward Clement Druitt  Read Text
97. Eleanor Mary Druitt  Read Text
98. James Edward Hogarth Underwood  Read Text
99. Charlotte May (May) Druitt  Read Text
100. Errolly Jean Cross  Read Text
101. Robert Henry Druitt  Read Text
102. Helena Elizabeth (Nellie or Lally) Druitt  Read Text
103. Violet Mary Dawson  Read Text
104. Lyndel Vivien Prott  Read Text
105. Andreas Patrick O'Keefe  Read Text
106. Donal Henry O'Keefe  Read Text
107. Violet Kathleen (Jill) Ashton  Read Text
108. Georgiana Jane (Georgie) Druitt  Read Text
109. Helen Ethel Druitt Nathan  Read Text
110. Marjorie Helen Henderson  Read Text
111. Kenneth David Druitt (Bill) Henderson  Read Text
112. Christopher Colin John Crole  Read Text
113. Claire Margery Helen Crole  Read Text
114. Katrina Emily (Trina) McEachran  Read Text
115. Owen Neil Ace  Read Text
116. Duncan Ace  Read Text
117. Juliet Helen McEachran  Read Text
118. Charles Frederick Augustus Druitt Nathan  Read Text
119. Leslie George Druitt Nathan  Read Text
120. Lyndall Lee (Lyndy) Brown  Read Text
121. Patricia Druitt Nathan  Read Text
122. David Druitt Nathan  Read Text
123. Edward Frederick Druitt  Read Text
124. Helen Marian (Marian) Wormull  Read Text
125. John Christopher Prince  Read Text
126. Christine Prince  Read Text
127. Christine Prince  Read Text
128. Mary Emillia (Polly) Druitt  Read Text
129. Edna Mary Anna Jane Shaw  Read Text
130. Arthur Thomas Frank Shaw  Read Text
131. Harold Augustus Druitt Shaw  Read Text
132. Suzanne (Sue) (or Jennifer) Shaw (or Clift)  Read Text
133. David John (or David) Shaw (or Sutton)  Read Text
134. Anna Barbara Clementina (Nan) Druitt  Read Text
135. Helena Mary (Mary) Proctor  Read Text
136. John Beresford Dibbs  Read Text
137. Ethel Gertrude Proctor  Read Text
138. William Gordon Kloster  Read Text
139. Linton Jack Kloster  Read Text
140. Margaret Purvis (Marjorie) Proctor  Read Text
141. Thomas Henry Purvis  Read Text
142. Elizabeth Jane (or Ann or Annie) (Bessie) Purvis  Read Text
143. Walter Charles J. Tibbits  Read Text
144. Alistair Jonathon Kyle Flower  Read Text
145. Nancye Edith Tibbits  Read Text
146. Edgar Cockburn Tibbits  Read Text
147. Isla Frances Irby  Read Text
148. Walter Charles (Tod) Tibbits  Read Text
149. Beverley Rae Tibbits  Read Text
150. Jennifer Lynne Harden  Read Text
151. Susan Louise (Sue) Malfroy  Read Text
152. Amanda Louise Kennedy  Read Text
153. Arthur James Tibbits  Read Text
154. Alfred Thomas (Tom) Tibbits  Read Text
155. Stuart Cameron Hutton  Read Text
156. Philip Campbell (Ganty) Tibbits  Read Text
157. Julie Marina Seale  Read Text
158. Creina Mary Goldsmid  Read Text
159. Jan Tibbits  Read Text
160. Evelyn Wells (Eva) Tibbits  Read Text
161. Christine Jocelyn (Chrissy or Chrissie) Mackenzie  Read Text
162. Christopher Phillip Carter  Read Text
163. Arthur Harry Carter  Read Text
164. Robyn Warwick  Read Text
165. Charles Lloyd Purvis  Read Text
166. Thomas Lloyd (Lloyd) Purvis  Read Text
167. Neville Charles Lloyd Purvis  Read Text
168. Thomas Henry (Tom) Purvis  Read Text
169. Christine Joy Purvis  Read Text
170. Mavis Lloyd Plummer  Read Text
171. Alison Lesley (Lesley) Christie  Read Text
172. Isabel Mary (or Mary Isabel) Plummer  Read Text
173. Thelma Margaret Plummer  Read Text
174. Jessie Vera Plummer  Read Text
175. Phillis Mabel Plummer  Read Text
176. Lisa Justine Griffin (or Driver-Davidson)  Read Text
177. Peta Leigh Griffin (or Driver-Davidson)  Read Text
178. Howard Timothy Driver  Read Text
179. Peter Kenneth Charles MacLeod  Read Text
180. Alma Margaret Purvis  Read Text
181. Vera Gladys Purvis  Read Text
182. Frances Jessica (Jessie) Purvis  Read Text
183. Nancy Jane Stanton  Read Text
184. Beatrice Rosetta Purvis  Read Text
185. Robert Pope  No biographical text available
186. Trevor Henry Heane  Read Text
187. Betty Heane  Read Text
188. Dorothy Love Heane  Read Text
189. Jennifer Gai (Jenny) Heane  Read Text
190. Thomas Stephen (Steve) Purvis  Read Text
191. Margaret Charlotte Purvis  Read Text
192. Walter George (Wally) Manning  Read Text
193. Dora (or Doris) Manning or Annear  Read Text
194. Anthony Gerard Cutugno  Read Text
195. Janet Lynne Miller  Read Text
196. Anne Louise Purvis  Read Text
197. Catherine Grace (Cassie) Purvis  Read Text
198. Helena Margaret (Lena) Purvis  Read Text
199. Betty Joan (Bet) Purvis  Read Text
200. Jane Louise Owen  Read Text
201. Charles Lloyd (Lloyd) Purvis  Read Text
202. Margaret Ellen (Maggie) Purvis  Read Text
203. Tracy Louise Purvis  Read Text
204. Allen Lindsay (Lindsay) Stewart  Read Text
205. John Francis (Jack) Purvis  Read Text
206. Martin Anthony Purvis  Read Text
207. James Frederick Purvis  Read Text
208. Charlotte Jemima (Aunt Shaddy) Purvis  Read Text
209. Adolphus James Taylor  Read Text
210. Norman James Taylor  Read Text
211. Mary Henrietta Hill Taylor  Read Text
212. Lucy Noel (Noel) Pinnington  Read Text
213. George Taylor  Read Text
214. Clarence Robert (Clarrie) Taylor  Read Text
215. Laura Fannie Taylor  Read Text
216. Harold Walter Taylor  Read Text
217. George Henry Taylor  Read Text
218. William Purvis  Read Text
219. William Purvis  Read Text
220. Robert Purvis  Read Text
221. Robert Purvis  Read Text
222. Granville Sharp Purvis  Read Text
223. Marian (?Marion) Purvis  Read Text
224. John Purvis  Read Text
225. Joseph Purvis  Read Text
226. John Murray Purvis  Read Text
227. John Allen Spottiswoode Purvis  Read Text
228. Margaret (Maggie) Purvis  Read Text
229. Louise (or Louisa) Purvis  Read Text
230. Jessie Purvis  Read Text
231. Joseph Matheson (Joe) Purvis  Read Text
232. Janet Mabel Hayden Purvis  Read Text
233. Joseph Matheson Purvis  Read Text
234. David Joseph Matheson Purvis  Read Text
235. Steven Purvis (or Lowrey)  Read Text
236. Margaret Maria Purvis  Read Text
237. Archibald Murray Purvis  Read Text
238. Dorothy Ellen Purvis  Read Text
239. Bernard William Neame  Read Text
240. Caryl Margaret Neame  Read Text
241. Catherine Jayne (Cathy) Vivian  Read Text
242. Nicholas Andrew (Nick) Vivian  Read Text
243. Stuart Richard Vivian  Read Text
244. Julia Neame  Read Text
245. Robert Spottiswoode H. Purvis  Read Text
246. Herbert Bruce Hayden Purvis  Read Text
247. Mary Purvis  Read Text
248. Robert Raaff Purvis  Read Text
249. Robert William Theodore (Theo) Purvis  Read Text
250. Edward William (Toby or Ukelele) Purvis  Read Text
251. Florence Forsyth (Poupee or Patouque or Towker) Purvis  Read Text
252. Frank Charles Robert Romer Younghusband  Read Text
253. Francis George Arthur Younghusband  Read Text
254. George Oswald Younghusband  Read Text
255. Victoria Mary Younghusband  Read Text
256. Teresa Sybil Noel  Read Text
257. Arthur Douglas Noel  Read Text
258. Andrew George Albert Younghusband  Read Text
259. Name suppressed by request Suppressed  Read Text
260. Timothy James Anthony Ralph St Laurent (Tim) Broadbent  Read Text
261. Name suppressed by request Suppressed  Read Text
262. Madeleine Antonia (Maddy) Younghusband  Read Text
263. Claire Catherine Younghusband  Read Text
264. Hermione Younghusband  Read Text
265. Amy Margaret Harper  Read Text
266. Samuel Francis Bay Harper  Read Text
267. Sir Robert Charles (8th Baronet) Gunning  Read Text
268. Iseult Sara (Sautie) Gunning  Read Text
269. Marion Josephine Gunning  Read Text
270. Elaine Beatrice Gunning  Read Text
271. John Robert Gunning  Read Text
272. Lori Ann Gunning  Read Text
273. Holly Michelle Gunning  Read Text
274. Daniel Peter Gunning Uri  Read Text
275. Melanie Dawn Gunning  Read Text
276. Josephine Gunning  Read Text
277. Thomas Intveld (Tom) Purvis  Read Text
278. Anne Oliphant Cornelia (Annie) Purvis  Read Text
279. Robert Elias (Broer) Purvis  Read Text
280. Cecile (or Ceceil or Cecil) Intveld Purvis  Read Text
281. Christiana (or Christina) (Tina or Nana) Purvis  Read Text
282. Cornelia Louisa (Nellie) Selleger  Read Text
283. Theodore Livinus (Theo) Reepmaker (or d'Orville)  Read Text
284. Dennis Reepmaker d'Orville  Read Text
285. Mary Louise Reepmaker d'Orville  Read Text
286. David Nicholas Daniell Usherwood  Read Text
287. Jonathan William Fielding Usherwood  Read Text
288. Rebecca Louise Fielding (Dr.) Usherwood  Read Text
289. Ian Anthony Noel Reepmaker d'Orville  Read Text
290. Harry Adrian Reepmaker (or Reepmaker-d'Orville)  Read Text
291. Pamela Christine (Christine) Reepmaker-d'Orville  Read Text
292. Michael Floyd d'Orville (Mike) Chivers (or King)  Read Text
293. Samantha Kelly (Sam) Lyme (or King)  Read Text
294. Jo Anna Lyme (or King)  Read Text
295. Mirren Rebecca Chivers (or King)  No biographical text available
296. Zoe Christina Baglin  Read Text
297. Nina Elizabeth Baglin  Read Text
298. Naomi Louise (Amy) Baglin  Read Text
299. John Christian (Jack) Reepmaker (or Reepmaker-d'Orville)  Read Text
300. Jacqueline Lois Christine (Lois) Reepmaker-d'Orville  Read Text
301. Henrietta Mary Iliff  Read Text
302. Georgia Katherine Iliff  Read Text
303. Jacqueline Sarah Reepmaker-d'Orville  Read Text
304. Nicola Lois (Nicky) Reepmaker-d'Orville  Read Text
305. Justin Cameron Reepmaker-d'Orville  Read Text
306. Christiana (Christel) Van der Wilk  Read Text
307. Guy Peter Gibbs  Read Text
308. Mary Earle (May) Purvis  Read Text
309. Katharine Violet Earle (Kit) Gwynne  Read Text
310. Mary Rosalind (Mary Rose) Ayling  Read Text
311. Benedict John Nevile (Ben) Gillum  Read Text
312. Elizabeth (Lizzie) Gillum  Read Text
313. Suppressed by request Suppressed by request  Read Text
314. Pearl Sarah Gillum  Read Text
315. Thomas Alan (Tom) Gillum  Read Text
316. Edward Thomas (Ed) Gillum  Read Text
317. Hugh Jonathan Gillum  Read Text
318. Roseanna Mary (Rose or Rosie) Gillum  No biographical text available
319. Alexandra Anne (Ali) Gillum  No biographical text available
320. Christopher Andrew (Chris) Gillum  No biographical text available
321. Emily Laura Gillum  No biographical text available
322. Andrew Nevile Gwynne Ayling  Read Text
323. Katharine Miranda (Kate) Ayling  Read Text
324. Lucy Rosalind Ayling  Read Text
325. Charles George (Charlie) Stillwell  Read Text
326. Edmund Andrew (Ned) Stillwell  Read Text
327. Nevile William Joseph Ayling  Read Text
328. Isabel Charlotte Ayling  Read Text
329. Nicholas David de Burgh (Nick) Jennings  Read Text
330. Isabelle Diana Veronica Jennings  Read Text
331. Sarah Primrose Jennings  Read Text
332. Megan Elizabeth April Hook  Read Text
333. Katharine Rachel (Katy) Hook  Read Text
334. Robin Hereward (Rob) Jennings  Read Text
335. Rachel Katherine Jennings  Read Text
336. Thomas George (Tom) Jennings  Read Text
337. Charles Rupert (Rupert) Jennings  Read Text
338. John David (David) Jennings  Read Text
339. Jeremy Allan Jennings  Read Text
340. Joseph Piers (Piers) Jennings  Read Text
341. Timothy David Jennings  Read Text
342. Katharine Moira (Katie) Jennings  Read Text
343. Karen Veronica (aka Karen Brown) Jennings  Read Text
344. Robert Archie Jennings  Read Text
345. Emily Sophia Jennings  Read Text
346. Alexander Timothy Jennings  Read Text
347. Peter Nevile Wake (Sir) Jennings  Read Text
348. Carolyn Tracey (Tracey) Jennings  Read Text
349. Oliver James Wake Jennings  Read Text
350. Theodore William Wake Jennings  Read Text
351. Harriet Olivia Jennings  Read Text
352. Portia Anne Jennings  Read Text
353. Iona Felicity Jennings  Read Text
354. Mary Eglintom (Mollie or Molly) Gwynne  Read Text
355. Penelope Mary Earle Tait  Read Text
356. Dominic Mark David (Dom) Carmichael  Read Text
357. Timothy John Owen (Tim) Carmichael  Read Text
358. Simon Charles Alexander Carmichael  Read Text
359. William Brend Graham (Will) Carmichael  Read Text
360. John Nevile Wake Gwynne  Read Text
361. Chloe Patricia Mary Gwynne  Read Text
362. Jessica Violet Gwynne  Read Text
363. Tara John Douglas-Home  Read Text
364. Luke Cospatrick Douglas-Home  Read Text
365. Violet Kate Eglinton (Bobo) Gwynne  Read Text
366. Rupert Sackville (Boy) Gwynne  Read Text
367. Elizabeth (Liza)(aka Elizabeth David) Gwynne  Read Text
368. Diana Marjorie Gwynne  Read Text
369. Rupert Christopher Grey  Read Text
370. Jonathan Christopher (Johnny) Grey  Read Text
371. Diana Christabel (Christabel) Grey  Read Text
372. Stephen (Steve) Grey  Read Text
373. Christopher Edward Jr (Edward) Grey  Read Text
374. Felicite Gwynne  Read Text
375. Roland Vaughan Gwynne  Read Text
376. Katherine (or Catharina) Charlotte (Kate or Bunny) Purvis  Read Text
377. Cornelia Anne (or Ann) (Annie) Purvis  Read Text
378. James Andrews (Bear) Bryant  Read Text
379. Arthur Herbert Jr (Awa) Bryant  Read Text
380. Ann Oliphant Purvis  Read Text
381. Elizabeth Anne (Bessie) Purvis  Read Text
382. Alexander Purvis  Read Text
383. John Harry Campbell (Harry) Purvis  Read Text
384. John Harry Robert (Harry) Purvis  Read Text
385. Allan Charles Purvis  Read Text
386. Douglas Graham Purvis  Read Text
387. Alice Clare Purvis  Read Text
388. Alexander Burridge (Alex or Aleck) Purvis  Read Text
389. Keakealani (Daisy) Kahookano/Kinney/Kalei/Mahoe  Read Text
390. Inez Adele Isobel Kapuaimohala Purvis  Read Text
391. John Ralph Purvis  Read Text
392. Herbert Charles Purvis  Read Text
393. Sarah Elizabeth Mary Jeffrey  Read Text
394. Charles Jeffrey  Read Text
395. Mary Elizabeth Jeffrey  Read Text
396. Lorna Jane Macpherson  Read Text
397. John Henry (Harry) Purvis  Read Text
398. Harry Alexander (Bruin or Lex) Purvis  Read Text
399. Eileen Brenda (Brenda) Purvis  Read Text
400. Son Purvis  Read Text
401. George Robert Alexander Purvis  Read Text
402. Burridge Purvis  Read Text
403. Mary Purvis  Read Text
404. Burridge Purvis (Purvis) Speirs (or Spears)  Read Text
405. Alexander Speirs (or Spears)  Read Text
406. Robert Blackie  Read Text
407. Ann I. (Annie) Purvis  Read Text
408. Fanny Lennox Blackie (or Blaikie)  Read Text
409. Jane Lennox Blackie  Read Text
410. Margaret Purvis  Read Text
411. Daughter Purvis  Read Text 1.2.1
412. Alexander Purvis  Read Text

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